Monday, March 14, 2005

UNCLE: Tales from the bathroom: This conversation occurred after NKE admitted to peeing in the tub and was caught spitting water out like a fountain. "NKE, don't you realize that since you peed in the tub that your are putting pee in your mouth." "But, I'm spitting it out." With one kid I would've emptied the tub and refilled it for his bath. With two kids I would've immediately soaped the kids and got him out of the tub. With three, I just blog about it and let him soak in his own pee. I guess it's worse that his brother just joined him in the tub.

And speaking of his brother. Before bath I set him on the toilet (which sounds off because it's been a "potty" so long I don't remember calling it anything else). The two year old wound up pooping and was so thrilled with it that he refused to get off the toilet for 25 minutes. Whatever, I have work to do so I sat in the bathroom with the old laptop going while one swam in his own pee and the other sat on the crapper hoping for the elusive double shit.

Then I resumed drinking.