Thursday, March 10, 2005

QUICK PLUG: The wife and I stumbled across Cheap Seats last weekend while hiding in the basement. My parents were babysitting while we went to dinner. We came back just as they were putting the boys to bed so we hid out in the basement hoping they'd be asleep by the time we were found out. No such luck. But, we did get some good laughs watching Cheap Seats.

Cheap Seats is basically Mystery Science Theater 3000 but with bad sports shows. Jason and Randy Sklar (last seen in Battlebots and most recently guesting on Law and Order) sit on a couch and rip on ESPN2 type shows...spelling bees, Steve Garvey celebrity fishing contests, Bobby Bonilla bowling tournament.

I haven't laughed so much since MST3K went off the air. Check out Cheap Seats on ESPN 2.