Saturday, March 12, 2005

MINNESOTAN WANTS DRINKING AGE RAISED. A state legislator believes the North Star State should change the legal drinking age to 21 year, eight hours. This would make Minnesota the state with the highest drinking age.

We're number 1!

The Star Tribune reports:
It's called Power Hour, a popular -- if potentially lethal -- rite of passage for young adults: Drink as much as humanly possible in the hours immediately after you turn 21.

If a state legislator gets his way, that window of drunken opportunity will slam shut, because men and women turning 21 in Minnesota won't legally do so until 8 a.m. on their coming-of-legal-age birthday.

"I've been concerned for a long time about binge drinking, and the Power Hour is the worst example of binge drinking," said Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead.
I had never heard of Power Hour. Lanning doesn't think his proposed bill will solve any problems.
"This bill's not going to end binge drinking or celebrations on 21st birthdays," [Lanning] said. "But if it takes away one little temptation to overdo things, it could keep just one person from going through what we experienced."
He's referring to two recent incidents where one young college student died and another nearly died after binge drinking.

The only thing I see happening if the law passes is that students will blow off class in the morning, find the nearest bar that caters to night-shift workers and get really, really drunk starting at 8:00 AM.

If that happens, perhaps Lanning would consider upping the age to noon the next day. Or make it 21 years and one day, or 22 years or...