Tuesday, March 15, 2005

MAYBE IT'S IN THE PHRASING: I was standing in line today at the Arbitration Center waiting to sign in as an arbitrator when I overheard the woman in front of me have this conversation with a woman signing people in...

ARB: You did something different to your hair. I like it.
WMN: No, normally I straighten it, but today I didn't.
ARB: I think it looks SO much better this way.
WMN: (nods).

What the ARB said "I think it looks SO much better this way." What WMN and I heard "Boy, the way you normally look is shit..thank god you did something different."

I'm sure ARB meant well, but it really came off jerky. Why not just say "I like it." or "It looks nice like this." Not the "it looks SOOOOO much better."

Second conversation: I'm waiting in an arbitration room for the arbitration to start. I was actually the head arbitrator (panel of three) and one other arbitrator was there. After introductions he asked if I worked at KFE (the E in the firm is the same name). I said no, that was my father. The guy then says "He is still alive?" "Uh, yeah..and doing quite well thanks. Still working, still teaching law school."

Maybe it was just the phrasing, but why don't people just think for a half second before they say something.