Wednesday, March 09, 2005

IS IT ME or is there an uptick in the number of couples making out at stoplights. Three different time this week I've been stuck behind a couple mashing for the 45 seconds the light is red. I guess I'm just getting old but can't you wait until you get home or something. I'll spot the high schoolers mashing in the park by our house after school (so long as it's the park and not the playground where my kids play). They don't have anywhere to go. Plus, they look really silly. It's less kissing and more sucking the air out of each other's lungs with a reverse CPR move. They are just stuck together at the lips, not even moving, just 100% lip lock. I'm not the greatest kisser (or probably even a good one) but I'm better than this Eskimo passing warm food to their papoose kiss. But I digress.

Kudos...fairly proud of myself for not referring to it as "canoodling" D'OH!