Thursday, March 10, 2005

IN THE PEOPLE'S PARADISE OF CUBA, Fidel Castro is bestowing another pleasure on his people.
(Sun Sentinel) HAVANA ยท Pressure cookers and rice steamers, essential tools of the Cuban kitchen, are the new weapons in Fidel Castro's latest battle to reassert control over the nation's economy.

During a 5-1/2-hour speech broadcast on state TV, Castro said 100,000 pressure cookers would be made available each month, an announcement that underscored the communist country's continued retreat toward greater political and economic centralism.
Free universal healthcare for all citizens, a half-day long speech and now pressure cookers. Can it get any better? As they say on TV, "Wait, there's more!"
Although imported cookers are sold in stores for about $25 -- more than the average Cuban earns in a month -- homemade ones cost about $5.50.
Eighty percent off the retail price! Soon, those homemade rafts will be drifting south instead of north.

What! There's even more? Stop the madness!
And the government's cookers can be paid for in monthly installments.
See how good the workers' paradise is? How many capitalist-pig stores in America would set up a monthly payment plan for a $5 appliance?