Wednesday, March 16, 2005

EXCUSE OF THE DAY: I don't know too many celebrities that are as sad-sacked as Billy Joel. It all started out so promising. Semi-OK pop music celebrity...married to a hot Christie Brinkley....

And then depression (reference to Stripes)...

Rehab followed car crash followed rehab followed car crash followed crappy Broadway rip-off musical (yeah, it was original when it was Abba and Mama was passe when it was Billy Joel and Movin' Out) followed by appearance on The Apprentice and now this...
(BBC) Singer Billy Joel has checked into a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse, his spokesperson has confirmed.

The US star's treatment follows a 10-day stay in a substance abuse and psychiatric hospital in 2002.
So what caused this relapse?
"a recent bout of severe gastro-intestinal distress".
Hmm, so something between bad gas and stomach flu he decided to start abusing drugs again. I'm saying that because I don't recall him being hospitalized for a more serious "GI disorder" like cancer or something like that.

I think I'll use that in court tomorrow: Your honor, my client only had the heroin because he had the runs.