Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CRIMPROF BLOG has this post today:
British scientists are studying methods of dating sperm found in the course of criminal investigations to corroborate or refute victim claims, as well as to defeat the tactic some rapists employ of smearing sperm beloning to someone else in the course of a rape. [Jack Chin]
My question, wouldn't it be better to just try to determine how old the sperm is rather than dating it. I mean, you're going to spend money on dinner...maybe a movie..and then what, nothing. And why would you want to date sperm found in the course of criminal investigations, anyway? That's low rent sperm. You can do better. Try find sperm to date at museums or law school libaries...churches or through your parents' friends. That sperm will be of a higher class. The kind of sperm that leads a real relationship, not just dating, but marriage.

But more importantly, what rapist brings someone else's sperm with them to rape someone? And how do they get it? "Hey Joe, can I borrow some of your sperm for awhile?" or "You know what buddy, help me out here, give me some of your sperm. I got a job interview tomorrow."

I don't know about you, but rarely, if ever, have I stumbled across someone else's sperm and I know for a fact I have never asked someone for their sperm. I don't know anyone who's response wouldn't be "what, what the fuck did you want my sperm...what the fuck is, get out of here man." Not "gee, sure, but you have to get it yourself."