Wednesday, March 09, 2005

COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU: The City of Chicago has now formed a task force to study the best way to offer Wi-Fi. And just like Texas, a state rep is sponsoring a law to ban municipalities from operating broadband of wi-fi businesses. In a semi-twist thought, the state rep has no problem with a municipality contracting with a third party to offer wi-fi. If a city is going to offer wi-fi, I'm all in favor of contracting it out. I really don't need to deal with the Department of City Wi-Fi Services and the 400 patronage jobs going to internet know-nothings who has an uncle that is politically connected. (Unless of course, I was hired as legal counsel at a nice salary, benefits and great work hours because my wife is politically connected)

As I've mentioned before, I don't think cities should offer wi-fi, a service that can be purchased on the open market, but I'm really not going to protest too hard. I pay $26.00/mtn for my DSL at home and $49/mtn at work. If the city offered wi-fi at a competitive price I'd take it.