Friday, March 11, 2005

CLOSE THAT BARN DOOR: Congress is holding hearings into steroid use in baseball and has subpoenaed a number of current and former players to testify. Some like Curt Schilling and Frank Thomas are not steroid users and both have expressed a willingness to testify. MLB lawyers have tried various manuevers to avoid Congressional hearings but to crib an old saying, the last place you want to be is between a politician and a TV camera.

I haven't bothered posting about steroid use in baseball because I think it's all sort of a game. Who didn't know that players were juiced? Sure baseball has watered down pitching through expansion but no way all those monster home runs were caused by Wheaties. MLB knew it, the players knew it, the fans knew it but no one cared. It's like the police chief in Casablanca being shocked by the gambling in Rick's.

Congress couldn't care less. They talk about the intergrity of the game; the kids who will start using steroids because McGwire used them...they'll read their prepared statements...they'll ask leading questions and not listen to the answers....

Players will lay off the juice for a few years....chemists will develop other 'roids that aren't detected....and that'll be it.

Yahoo news had this little gem today:
[Jose] Canseco asked Thursday for immunity if he's to testify fully before a congressional committee, but a spokesman for the lawmaker who will chair the proceeding offered no promises.
I'm a lawyer and I certainly understand asking for immunity when you will be testifying under oath but didn't he just write a tell-all book about steroids in baseball...didn't I just see him on a two-part 60 Minutes interview talking about how much 'roid he used and who else he saw or helped use 'roids? Reminds me of Darva Conger going on TV show after TV showing crying how she just wants to be left alone (which really didn't happen until after she posed in Playboy and no one cared about her anymore).

And last, how on earth can you have meaningful Congressional hearings into 'roid use and NOT call Barry Bonds? My guess....he's the target of a Grand Jury investigation and Congress knows it. Otherwise, there is no explanation.
[Congressman Henry] Waxman said Bonds, who wouldn't comment Thursday, wasn't among the players asked to appear because "the feeling was that if he were invited, all the attention would go to Barry Bonds and would distract from the overall mission of the hearing."
The overall mission is to investigate steroid use in baseball. The main evidence pointing to steroid use IS Barry Bonds. He's gotta be a target.