Thursday, March 10, 2005

BUT IN THE END....When I came home for exercising today there was a phone message on the answering machine from my sister-in-law (Slaw). Slaw was calling to tell my wife that slaw had chopped off her hair and is now sporting a new short cut. Slaw wondered if my wife had gotten around to her plan of dying her hair red yet. I listened to the message and just shook my head.

Between them they have four degrees from Ohio State University (two B.As, one Masters of Ed, and one law degree) I don't know about Slaw, but my wife was a Women's Studies major. Both of them travelled to Washington to participate in a pro-murder rally (I think they'd prefer if I said they went to a pro-choice rally). Both are professional working women....and yet in the end it all comes down to hair-dos. And both at the same time.

It's amazing they don't actually greet each other by knocking knuckles and saying "Wonder Twin powers...activate."